13 Best Cloud Storage Solutions of 2024

13 Best Cloud Storage Solutions of 2024 (Updated)

Welcome to our updated 2024 guide for the best cloud storage solutions. Techwrix is conducting cloud storage reviews in multiple scenarios now, and in that time much has changed. Competition between big cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, and the emergence of privacy-oriented providers like Sync.com, pCloud and MEGA, is a privilege for consumers. To save you some time we compiled a list of what we think are the top performers for your money.

These days, there are tons of cloud storage solutions available in the market. The best one for you depends on a lot more factors than just cost and GB storage capacity.

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What Makes Cloud Storage Solutions the Best?

The following five characteristics, in my opinion, are crucial for successful cloud storage software:

  • The volume of storage: More is better? There is more to it than that, such as monthly transfer caps. The kinds of files you are permitted to store, and the distribution of shared storage buckets.
  • Reasonable cost: Not always, cheap isn’t cheap. It can be tempting to choose the software that offers the most GBs for the least amount of money. But, why spend money on extra storage when you could spend it on time-saving features?
  • Multi-device and offline access: On all of your devices, in all situations—from the toilet to getting lost in the woods—you must be able to access your content whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Tools for an organization: The finest cloud storage solutions provide file organizing tools that either replicate the organizational structure of your operating system or make it just as simple to sort, filter, search for, and arrange your files.
  • Reliability and security: Do you know how important it is to protect your banking passwords, social security numbers, and crypto wallet codes? Just kidding, don’t store those in the cloud. But, for the majority of people, price is the most important factor.

13 Best Cloud Storage Solutions of 2024

The following are the 13 best cloud storage solutions to look at in 2024:

1.    Google Drive: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Android and Google Workspace Users. Top pick for integrated apps and students.

Google Drive cloud storage

Since the early 2000s, Google has been a major player in the cloud storage market. Since almost ten years ago, I have stored everything on Google Drive which is the best cloud storage, including automatic photo backups using Google Photos, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Also, you must store them in Google Drive if you use Google Documents or other Workspace apps.

Optimizing your device’s hard disc space is simple with Google. Your files can either “stream” or “mirror,” as you like. To view them, you must be connected to the internet. By mirroring, your files are accessible at any time, even when offline, and they sync when you’re connected to the internet.

I personally use Todoist to keep track of my tasks, and I store my work on Google Drive. Every client project has its own folder, and thanks to this Zap (automated workflow), whenever I create a new folder for a client project, Todoist creates a new task for me.

Pricing for Google Drive

Get 15GB without cost. Drive storage only: 100GB costs $1.99 per month, 200GB costs $2.99 per month, and 2TB cost $9.99 per month. Google Workspace: $30GB for $6/month, 2TB for $12/month, and 5TB for $18/month.

2.    iCloud: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Apple Users

iCloud cloud storage

The main benefit of using iCloud is how well it integrates with Apple products, which is in addition to its affordable pricing. Of course, iCloud backup has advantages for Apple as well: it makes upgrading your iPhone insanely simple. In less than an hour, iCloud transfers all the programs, data, and settings. The ease of use is very attractive to people and profitable for Apple.

All Apple products come with iCloud as a built-in cloud storage option, which operates quietly in the background, syncs flawlessly, and never bothers you with notifications of any kind. Hence, iCloud is the one for you if you want capable cloud storage that you never have to deal with and you know you’ll keep buying Apple gadgets.

Pricing for iCloud

Get 5GB without cost. 50GB costs $0.99 per month, 200GB costs $2.99, and 2TB costs $9.99 per month. Family-sharing plans cost $3.99 per month for 200GB and $12.99 per month for 2TB for up to 6 users.

3. Dropbox: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Low-Maintenance Syncing

Dropbox cloud storage

Dropbox’s premium plans come with a variety of appealing features, such as family sharing, a built-in password manager, and options for remote data wiping in the event of device theft.

But in my opinion, the main benefit of using Dropbox is that it just functions. The unobtrusive program operates in the background without your knowledge of Mac or Windows. Dropbox also makes it simpler for you to share files with others.

Although its allotted free storage is limited, it is more than enough for documents or sharing your accountant’s annual folder of tax nonsense. Dropbox’s subscription plans for photographers and other creative professionals provide in-app watermarking for sharing visual work with customers, so upgrading might be worthwhile for you.

Dropbox is the program for you if you want a straightforward cloud storage solution that prioritizes user-friendliness over all else or if you want to share a storage container with numerous non-Apple users.

Pricing for Dropbox

Obtain 2GB without cost. 2TB costs $11.99 per month or $19.99 if shared among up to 6 users. With 3 users and 5TB, different commercial plans start at $54 per month.

4. Box: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Unlimited Storage. Great pick for business cloud storage

 Box cloud storage

Box’s free unlimited storage options have a 5GB file size limit. Given that iPhones now record 6GB of 4K video per minute, it should be sufficient for the majority of purposes, but probably not if you intend to backup your films. There are more affordable apps at that price range, but higher Box levels allow files to be up to 150GB in size.

But, Box has a lot going for it. Its mobile app is the one I find to be the most user-friendly. You may easily access important files or folders on mobile devices using the Favorites and Collections tabs without affecting your directory layout elsewhere.

Box Notes (text files) is a terrific on-the-go notes solution that instantly syncs across devices and is quick and simple to edit on mobile. Collaboration is simple anywhere because of the ease of reading and responding to file comments. Canvas, a virtual whiteboard that Box also offers, is excellent for individual or group brainstorming.

If you don’t need to store a lot of video or big, unique files, those features, along with Box Sign for document signatures, make Box a good option for freelancers and small enterprises.

Pricing for Box

Get 10GB for free with a box. Prices start at $14/month for 100GB and go up to $60/month for unlimited storage with a Business account (minimum 3 users at $20/each).

5. OneDrive: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Windows and Microsoft 365 Users. Best cloud storage service for Office integration

OneDrive cloud storage

For Microsoft Office users to work on Word, PowerPoint, and other files anywhere, OneDrive just makes sense. It is practical because of its close interaction with Windows, but it also functions well on Mac and iOS. The organization of the desktop, online, and mobile apps is excellent. Its pricing is also in line with that of iCloud.

The newly updated Pictures page, which is similar to Apple Photos automatically groups your photos into categories like screenshots and selfies and presents them all in an appealing gallery, maybe even more significant to some users.

As other programs roll out whiteboarding features and personalized branding, OneDrive is just… storing your stuff. But, there are instances when the finest apps are the ones that excel at just one task. Also, OneDrive does storage well and has the support of Microsoft. It is obvious for Windows and Office users. Based on its dependability and usability, it ought to be a strong challenger for everyone else.

Pricing for OneDrive

Get 5GB without cost. Paid plans range in price from $1.99 per month for 100GB to $9.99 per month for 6TB (shared with 6 users, split 1TB each).

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6. Zoho Workdrive Best Cloud Storage Solution for a Robust Alternative to Google Workspace

Zoho Workdrive cloud storage

For straightforward cloud storage, Zoho WorkDrive offers all the essentials, including built-in document and spreadsheet editing, multi-device syncing, offline access, and sharing. Similar to Google Workspace, Writer, Sheet, and Show (presentation) files can be used and stored for free, and new documents can be created directly from the web.

It’s a lot, with over 45 different apps for everything from documents to email, meetings, and more. For freelancers or small teams seeking an incredibly comprehensive set of business management tools—including capabilities Google Workspace doesn’t provide, like accounting—Zoho makes sense.

Zoho WorkDrive is a sophisticated tool that manages to be both simple to use and challenging at the same time.

Although Zoho has several great features, the too-difficult synchronization process alone dissuades me from using it. Nonetheless, Zoho WorkDrive is worth a shot if you have endless patience and are seeking a Google Workspace substitute.

Pricing for Zoho WorkDrive:

Get 5GB without cost. Paid plans start at $2.50 per user per month for 1TB of team storage and go up to $9 per user per month for 5TB of team storage.

7. Koofr: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Managing Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts.

Koofr cloud storage

Koofr is the app to use if you want to automatically backup a Huawei phone. It works best as a general cloud storage manager for the rest of you.

In addition to offering built-in storage (10GB on the free tier), Koofr is distinctive in that you can connect it to other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. The Koofr app on any device may then be used to manage files and perform searches across all of your cloud storage apps.

If you need higher transfer limits for one bucket but not the others, Koofr’s flexible, mix-and-match pricing plans let you add on “buckets” of various storage quantities and features. Paid plans offer a PDF/image editor, unlimited file sharing, online editing with Microsoft Word, and 30-day file recovery.

Pricing for Koofr

Get 10GB without cost. Plans range in price from €0.50 for 10GB to €120 for 20TB, and you may combine different storage sizes and features with meeting your needs.

8. Sync.com: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Canadians. Top cloud storage pick for sharing, versioning, large files, iPhone and more

sync.com cloud storage

With built-in compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, and PIPEDA privacy standards as well as support for Microsoft Office 365 document editing, Sync is an affordable option for freelancers or remote teams who intend to operate globally. Sync offers distinctive privacy protection for Canadian citizens as well.

The only way to guarantee complete adherence to Canadian privacy rules and preserve your personal information is to store it with a Canadian-owned business that is excluded from the CLOUD Act, like Sync.

Pricing for sync

Get 5GB without cost. For $8/month for 2TB, $20/month for 6TB, or $30/month on a Team plan with a minimum of 2 users paying $15/month each, you can obtain unlimited storage. Dollar amounts in Canadian dollars.

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9. Jottacloud:  Best Cloud Storage Solution for Automatic, Unlimited Photo Storage

jottacloud cloud storage

Every type of file can be uploaded to Jottacloud, but it excels at media organizing. The Jottacloud mobile app can automatically backup the photographs and videos on your phone, just like Apple Photos and Google Photos. With just one click, you may delete uploaded media, rapidly freeing up storage on your smartphone. Your memories are displayed in galleries on the mobile app in a stunning way, and you can stream media, including RAW files, to Apple TV and Chromecast.

You may save any sort of file and decide what syncs to your device and what stays in the cloud one-way in addition to easy media backup. External hard drives can be automatically backed up by Jottacloud. Also, you won’t need to worry about privacy issues because Jottacloud is entirely owned by Norway and is free from the CLOUD Act.

Pricing for Jottacloud

Get 5GB without cost. For personal usage, unlimited storage costs €9.90 per month. Business plans with commercial licenses range from free (5GB) to €49/month for 1TB storage, while family sharing plans (5 users) start at €6.90/month for 1TB and above.

10. Proton Drive: Best Cloud Storage Solution for Privacy

proton drive cloud storage

There are two sorts of security: the traditional kind that thwarts hacking efforts and zero-knowledge encryption, which ensures that only you can access your files. Only your private key can open Proton Drive files because they are automatically “locked” by mathematical algorithms. No matter where you live, Proton cannot access your belongings, which may be crucial to you in light of the aforementioned CLOUD Act.

Together with private storage, Proton also provides an end-to-end encrypted email client and a VPN to mask your IP. Although its subscription plans aren’t as affordable as some, they offer excellent value thanks to these extra privacy measures.

One thing to keep in mind is that Proton does not have specific Windows or Mac software. The ability to work with your files directly on your PC is handier than using Proton through a web browser or an iOS or Android app. For you, the cost of complete anonymity can be worth it. Files can still be downloaded for offline use.

Proton is distinct from the other service providers on this list in that it is a mission-driven business. Indeed, they generate money by renting out storage space. But, Proton claims that they also “exist to serve the world” and “make digital freedom a reality.” Thus, their software is open source and is frequently examined by international, independent security experts.

Keeping your private key safe is a big responsibility that comes with amazing privacy. Losing your private key means that none of your files will ever be recovered because not even Proton can access them. To log in, there is no “reset my password” or customer support option. If you share Proton’s principles of a private digital existence for everyone, as long as you’re confident you won’t lose it, then they’re the company for you.

Pricing for Proton

1GB is free. At $4.99/month for 200GB or $11.99 for 500GB, Proton Mail, Calendar, and VPN are included. Available are also business plans.

11. Icedrive – Fastest Online Cloud Storage

icedrive cloud storage

Icedrive is a new entry on our list, and it’s a supplier you may not have heard of before. It’s been making waves, although, with highly competitive pricing and some exciting features that set it apart from some of its more established rivals.

Novel Encryption Methods & Zero-Knowledge Security

One of the major differences from the other providers on our list is that Icedrive doesn’t use the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. Instead, it practices an algorithm called Twofish.

Twofish was one of the final contenders for the Advanced Encryption Standard contest at the go of the century. Some consider Twofish to be more secure (if sometimes slower) than the eventual winner, Rijndael (now known simply as AES).

Paid accounts comprise zero-knowledge encryption as standard, so files should be safe from snooping eyes. Disparate most other zero-knowledge providers, Icedrive lets you preview certain files by streaming them in encrypted form to your computer, where they are then decrypted on the fly. 

Icedrive also offers two-factor authentication (2FA) and As a UK-based Company, Icedrive is administrated by stringent GDPR regulations.

Pricing for Icedrive

1TB of storage costs just $5.99 and 3TB of cloud file storage for $10.99 per month (for accounts paid annually).

12. Egnyte – Highly Customizable Cloud Storage Solution

egnyte cloud storage

Egnyte is an enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution (EFSS) aimed to support businesses and teams. It has innate apps for both Windows and Mac and third-party integrations to Google Workspace and MS Office. Furthermore, it supports connections to hundreds of other apps, including Slack, Trello and Zoom, to name a few.

Egnyte’s cloud storage platform supports businesses considering to manage teams on a granular level. It has a built-in task manager and workflow system that, although helpful, are basic and won’t replace dedicated apps. Engyte also lets you manage your account with a robust settings and configurations menu.

Settings and Configurations

Egnyte is also a safe cloud storage solution for businesses. It offers one of the most customizable experiences for user and team management. Other options contain setting up email notifications for when you’re approaching the limits of your storage allotment. Moreover, accounts come with a private folder, and admins can adjust its size. Egnyte has a distinct section for reports and audits, letting admins monitor everything from storage usage to file-sharing data.

Pricing for Egnyte

The Business plan costs $20 per user per month, billed annually for 10 users (meaning a minimum of $200 per month) that share 1TB of data.

13. Microsoft Onedrive – Easy access and collaboration on files stored in the cloud

Microsoft Onedrive - Easy access and collaboration on files stored in the cloud

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that impeccably integrates with Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This allows for easy access and collaboration on files stored in the cloud. You can upload several file formats to OneDrive and access them from any device with an internet connection. OneDrive offers a free tier with 5GB of storage, which might be ample for basic needs.

If you need more space, OneDrive integrates with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. These subscriptions offer premium features like document sharing, online file editing, and video conferencing, besides increased storage.

Pricing for OneDrive

There are two main options: Microsoft 365 Personal offers 1TB of storage for $6 per month, while Microsoft 365 Family provides 1TB of storage per user (up to 6 users) for $10 per month.

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In order to store any form of material without needing to keep it on your computer or another primary device, I concentrated on actual cloud storage solutions for this article. Yet, there are several excellent backup-only options available, such as the well-known Backblaze, Tresorit, Mega and Ice-drive. There are other specialized cloud storage solutions that are more suitable for particular users, such as CloudSpot for photographers and Filepass for musicians. For the best combination of security, customization and functionality, Box is a top option for enterprise businesses.

Meanwhile, Sync for Teams offers the economical pricing while also providing strong security and privacy, making it the best cloud storage solution for small businesses. Then there’s the issue of whether cloud storage should even be used. Keeping your data offline, whether on a hard drive or a private-network NAS server, is the best safeguard against hackers. Yet, you still need a strong backup system with multiple copies because physical drives have an average annual failure rate of 1.46%. For the best chance of keeping snoopers away, integrate security best practices into your daily digital routine, regardless of where you opt to store your belongings. Keep synching and be careful.


What Is the Best Personal Cloud Storage Solution?

Our preferred cloud storage for personal use is Sync.com, which offers reasonable pricing, robust security, and cutting-edge functionality. Yet, there are also other excellent choices, such as Google Drive, MEGA, pCloud, and Tresorit, to mention a few.

What Is the Best Business Cloud Storage Solution?

According to our best cloud storage services, you can’t go wrong with a Sync.com, pCloud, or Tresorit subscription. If you’re unsure, zero-knowledge encryption, server locations, and document collaboration features are important to search for.

Which Free Cloud Storage Solution Is the Best?

Although MEGA and Google Drive both provide a little bit more space, pCloud is our top choice for free storage. With free cloud storage options, you may test out many services to find the one that works best for you. Services like Koofr even let you mix different free storage options.

What Is the Best Free Cloud Picture Storage Solution?

pCloud is our top pick for the best free online photo storage. It provides inexpensive, safe storage, and automatically uploads pictures from your phone or PC. And, facilitates photo editing, and backs up social media content.

Is Unlimited Storage Available?

Several of the top cloud storage companies provide subscriptions with limitless capacity, however, Sync.com for Teams is the greatest one. Be aware that most companies that claim limitless storage typically have a cap, and you’ll need to request more space if you exceed it.

Which Cloud Storage App Works Best for iOS and Android?

The greatest cloud storage option for Android users is Google Drive, but Sync.com is our top pick for iPhone users.

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