Proxmox VE 8.2 is Released with New Features

Proxmox VE 8.2 is Released with VMware ESXi Import Wizard

Proxmox VE, the popular open-source virtualization platform, received a significant update on April 24, 2024, with the release of version 8.2. This exciting new version brings a wealth of features designed to streamline VM management, enhance security, and improve overall user experience. Let’s dive into the highlights!

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Proxmox VE 8.2 New Features

The following features are introduced in Proxmox VE 8.2:

Automated and Unattended Installation

Proxmox VE 8.2 introduces support for automated and unattended installation. With this new release, you can easily modify the default ISO using their tool. The resulting automated installation ISO retrieves all necessary settings from an answer file. This answer file can be provided in three ways:

  • Embedded in the ISO,
  • Placed on a separate USB drive, or
  • Accessed over the network.

Automated installation is particularly useful in various scenarios such as:

  • Deploying large-scale infrastructure,
  • Automating the setup process, and
  • Ensuring consistent configurations across multiple systems.

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automated and unattended installation in proxmox ve 8.2

Improved Import Wizard for VMware ESXi VMs

In Proxmox VE 8.2, they introduced a new import wizard for VMware ESXi virtual machines. To establish the connection to the VMware ESXi host, you can mount the host as a new Proxmox storage. Once connected, you can see all the VMware virtual machines (VMs) that can be imported into the ESXi Storage.

VMware ESXi VMs import wizard in proxmox ve 8.2
Import Wizard for VMware ESXi VMs

Modernized Firewall Implementation

The firewall implementation in Proxmox VE has been modernized in version 8.2. The new implementation is based on nftables and is written in Rust. It is intended to replace the current firewall based on iptables in future Proxmox VE versions.

The nftables firewall is currently provided as an experimental feature to gather feedback from the community. It is a per-host firewall setting and needs to be enabled manually until its feature set is on par with the current implementation.

firewall in proxmox ve 8.2

LXC Device Passthrough in Proxmox VE 8.2

Proxmox VE 8.2 introduces LXC device passthrough, which allows you to configure host device passthrough for containers directly within the user interface. This feature provides more flexibility and control when working with containers.

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lxc device passthrough in proxmox ve 8.2

Advanced Backup Job Settings

Backup jobs in Proxmox VE now come with new advanced settings. These settings include performance settings and bandwidth limits, allowing you to fine-tune your backup processes according to your specific requirements.

backup job settings in proxmox ve 8.2

Support for Custom ACME-Enabled Certificate Authorities

In version 8.2, Proxmox VE adds support for custom ACME-enabled certificate authorities. You can now use external account binding (EAB) for optional authentication with these certificate authorities. This enhancement provides more flexibility and options for securing your Proxmox VE environment.

custom ACME in proxmox ve 8.2

UI Changes in Proxmox VE 8.2

Proxmox VE 8.2 brings small but impactful UI changes in several areas. In the notes field, the double-click editing option has been disabled. This change allows you to easily select and copy text without accidentally opening the editor. However, you can still enable the old behavior if desired.

On edit screens, the reset button has been repositioned to reduce the risk of accidental clicks. This change aims to improve the user experience and prevent any unintentional modifications.

UI improvements in proxmox ve 8.2

Underlying Technologies

Proxmox VE 8.2 is based on the latest Debian 12.5, codenamed Bookworm. It combines leading open-source technologies for virtual environments, including a modern Linux Kernel 6.8, Ceph 18.2, QEMU 8.1, and Open ZFS 2.2. These technologies ensure a stable and efficient virtualization platform for your infrastructure.

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debian 12.5 in proxmox ve 8.2


Proxmox VE 8.2 introduces several new features and improvements to enhance your virtual environment. The automated and unattended installation streamlines the setup process, while the improved import wizard makes it easier to migrate VMware ESXi virtual machines. The modernized firewall implementation and LXC device passthrough offer more control and flexibility in managing your containers. Additionally, the advanced backup job settings and support for custom ACME-enabled certificate authorities enhance the security and customization options in Proxmox VE. With the small but impactful UI changes and the underlying technologies, Proxmox VE 8.2 provides a reliable and efficient virtualization platform for your infrastructure.

We encourage you to explore the new features and provide us with your feedback. Your input helps us further refine and improve Proxmox VE, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of your virtual environment.

If you want to learn more about Proxmox VE, Proxmox VE 8: A Comprehensive Virtualization Course 2024 will help you understand it and completely walk through the product.

Ready to dive in? Download Proxmox VE 8.2 ISO image that includes the complete feature set and can be easily installed on bare-metal servers.


Download Proxmox VE 8.2

Proxmox VE 8.2 Release Notes

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