Runecast 6.5.5 Improves Compliance Posture and User Experience

Runecast 6.5.5 Improves Compliance Posture and User Experience

Runecast, a leading provider of IT infrastructure management software, has announced the release of Runecast 6.5.5. This latest release includes several new features and enhancements that help organizations improve their compliance posture and user experience.

Key Highlights

The following key points are highlighted in Runecast 6.5.5.

Support for BSI IT-Grundschutz Edition 2023

Runecast 6.5.5 now includes checks against the latest edition of BSI IT-Grundschutz, the set of guidelines and recommendations developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security. This helps organizations continuously assess their systems against the latest security best practices and improve their IT security posture.

Official DISA STIG for vSphere 7

Runecast 6.5.5 replaces the VMware-created draft version of DISA STIG with the official version published by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This enables organizations using vSphere 7 to audit their environment against the official version of DISA STIG and gain valuable insights into potential areas of vulnerability.

Improved User Experience

Runecast 6.5.5 includes several user experience enhancements, including a streamlined dashboard export process, an improved inventory view, and new result states in the Config Vault view. These enhancements make it easier for users to find the information they need and take action to improve their IT infrastructure.

Runecast 6.5.5 Benefits

The Runecast 6.5.5 release offers several benefits for organizations, including:

Improved Compliance

Runecast’s compliance checks help organizations ensure that they are meeting the requirements of industry standards and regulations.

Reduced risk

Runecast’s vulnerability scanning helps organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Improved efficiency

Runecast’s automated IT infrastructure management tools help organizations save time and resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

To learn more about Runecast 6.5.5, please visit the Runecast website. Experience the Runecast Platform using Online Demo. You can also download free trial to test and hands-on with the product.


Runecast 6.5.5 represents a significant milestone in the field of IT infrastructure management. With its wide array of new features and enhancements, this release offers organizations a powerful solution to enhance their compliance posture and elevate user experience. By embracing Runecast 6.5.5, you gain access to advanced capabilities that enable you to meet your compliance requirements, mitigate risks, and improve operational efficiency.

Whether you are seeking to align with industry standards, maintain regulatory compliance, or optimize your IT operations, Runecast 6.5.5 emerges as an exceptional choice. Its robust feature set empowers you to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring a strong security foundation for your infrastructure. Moreover, the improved user experience fosters seamless IT management, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive your organization forward.

Ready to optimize your data center operations and improve security posture? Try Runecast 6.5.5 to ensure compliance across hybrid cloud environments.

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