VMware Workstation Pro Free for Personal Use – Your Gateway to Seamless Virtual Experiences!

In a groundbreaking move, VMware has recently announced that it is making its renowned virtualization software, Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro, available for free for personal use. This means that home users and students can now delve into the realm of virtualization without any financial barriers. 

Let’s explore this significant development and how it impacts users worldwide.

VMware Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro: Free for Personal Use

Previously available only under a paid license, VMware’s Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro are now accessible to everyday users at no cost. This exciting change allows individuals to create virtual labs on their Mac, Windows, or Linux computers without worrying about subscription fees.

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Two License Models for Different Needs

With this update, VMware introduces two distinct license models:

  1. Free Personal Use: Tailored for individuals looking to experiment with virtualization for non-commercial purposes.
  2. Paid Commercial Use: Designed for businesses and organizations utilizing virtualization solutions for commercial ventures.

Seamless Installation and Feature Access

Setting up Workstation Pro or Fusion Pro for personal use is a breeze. After registering for a VMware account, users can opt for the “personal use” option during installation. This grants access to all standard features with no limitations. However, for commercial usage, a purchased license key is required.

Transition from Player Versions

In tandem with the shift towards free Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro, VMware is phasing out its Player versions. This streamlining ensures that VMs created in Player versions remain compatible with their Pro counterparts. Users can seamlessly upgrade without any compatibility concerns.

Streamlined Licensing for Commercial Customers

For commercial users, VMware has simplified its offerings with a single SKU named Desktop Hypervisor. Priced at $120 per year, this streamlined solution provides businesses with comprehensive virtualization capabilities.

Download VMware Fusion Pro 13 and Workstation Pro 17 for Free

Here’s how you can download VMware Fusion Pro 13 (for Mac) and Workstation Pro 17 (for Windows and Linux) for free:

  1. Visit Broadcom’s Support page.
  2. Click on Register to create an account if you don’t have one.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the Support Portal.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the VMware Cloud Foundation division.
  5. Search for Fusion or Workstation, depending on your operating system, and click the respective product name.
  6. Notice the dropdown for the Personal Use edition (same binaries as the Commercial one).
  7. Select the desired version and proceed with the download.

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Conclusion: Exploring Virtualization with VMware

VMware’s decision to offer Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro for free personal use marks a significant step forward in democratizing access to virtualization technology. Whether you’re a home user looking to explore new operating systems or a student conducting research, this initiative opens doors to endless possibilities in the virtual landscape. 

In essence, VMware’s move reflects a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive virtualization community. So, seize the moment and embark on your virtual journey with VMware Workstation Pro – now free for personal use.

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