VCTA-DCV Exam Preparation Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for the VCTA-DCV Certification Exam

What is VMware VCTA-DCV?

VMware Certified Technical Associate [VCTA-DCV] Certification is an associate-level certification by VMware. To validate the skills and knowledge performing operational tasks in a virtualized environment, the VCTA-DCV exam is very helpful for the candidates to enhance their skills in basic virtualization concepts and troubleshooting.

 Who Should Take the VMware VCTA-DCV Exam?

The VCTA-DCV exam is preferably designed for individuals who want to authenticate their skills and knowledge in data center virtualization using the VMware technology. It is also a good option for the IT professionals who want to begin their career with the VMware technology or who want to show their skills in VMware to their promising clients or employers including  System administrators, Network administrators, and Cyber security professionals.

Prerequisites and Eligibility for VMware VCTA-DCV Exam

There is no requirement of prior experience to take the VCTA-DCV exam but having some earlier experience in the following areas can benefit. And they are:

  • Working knowledge of VMware vSphere, networking, storage, hardware, and guest operating systems is must. 
  • Basic hands-on experience in operating vSphere is necessary.
  • Core Technical Skills in the VMware Data Center Virtualization are also recommended.

Topics Covered in VCTA-DCV Exam

By taking VCTA-DCV exam, you can learn about the following outcomes:

  • How to implement, manage, and troubleshoot a vSphere infrastructure
  • How to manage cloud resources
  • How to manage virtual data centers
  • Planning and design virtualized environments 
  • Installation, configuration, and management of VMware vSphere and its components 
  • Optimization and performance-tuning 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Administration

Study Materials for VMware VCTA-DCV Exam

VMware created a learning path to prepare for the VCTA-DCV certification, which covers the topics and syllabus that are basic need in learning the VCTA-DCV exam.

 It contains detailed concepts on:

  • Basic fundamentals on virtualization and vSphere concepts
  • Data center technology and basic troubleshooting concepts
  • Managing cloud resources and basic networking concepts

Secondly, the VMware instructor-led video training course on VCTA-DCV Certification can teach about the fundamentals of vSphere about vSphere products usage and how data center virtualization works.

You can also go through the VMware Documentation and get upgraded information on the products, services and solutions. 

Moreover, books are efficient learning resources to get detailed knowledge about the VCTA-DCV exam and to become variable in the theoretical part.

You can also check out with the VMware Customer Connect learning community and you can interact with the VMware certified instructors to clarify your concepts and doubts.

Finally, you can seek VMware VCTA-DCV free sample questions to get real-time experience before appearing in the main exam.

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Preparation Tips for VMware VCTA-DCV Exam

To be master in VCTA-DCV exam requires an effective preparation plan and thus here we pick out some of the important preparation tips to achieve it. And they are:

  • Initially, download the study guide and required resources from the VMware official website and understand the exam objective. Afterwards start with revising domains and try to concentrate on domains which are challenging.
  • Make a calendar and give some time to go through all the subtopics. Complete the topics as per  plan and it is preferable to not to skip any topics
  • Take several mock tests to test the level of learning and you can gain practice on how to manage the time. Try out various practices tests and finish it those by sticking to timings
  • Watch different YouTube webinars and webinars relevant to VCTA-DCV courses. And try to go through it in a sustained manner.
  • Recognize weak areas and try to concentrate on those areas and are gained by attempting various sample papers repeatedly. One can easily identify their weakest and stronger areas by doing self-evaluation through practice exams.
  • Finishing the whole topic before attempting the mock tests is the best practice to prepare for tests. It is not preferable to not to skip any subtopics and it will help to get high marks.
  • Try to watch more videos as they can be helpful to get better grades by helping you grasp the ideas better. And finally once you get confident, attempt the exam and you will surely pass the exam.

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What is the VMware VCTA-DCV exam cost and time duration?

The cost of the VCTA-DCV exam will be $125 US dollars. The VCTA-DCV exam may take up to 135 minutes.

What are the passing score and exam questions for VMware VCTA-DCV exam?

The candidate must obtain 300 marks out of 500 and there are 51 questions present in the VCTA-DCV exam.

How to prepare for VMware VCTA-DCV exam?

You can prepare for the exam by taking the Vmware training courses. This training is online and accessed through VMware Customer Connect Learning.


Hope this blog gives a quick outline on VMware Certified Technical Associate [VCTA-DCV] certification and helps to upgrade your understanding in data center virtualization concepts. And also flourish your skills to become a VMware Certified Technical Associate.

To excel in this certification, it is important to gain the organized and updated learning resources. But it seems harder to find such study resources.

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